My bit of the Million Dollar Homepage.

Screenshot of the Million Dollar Homepage

Q: Why

A: I watched a video by Nostalgia Nerd on YouTube going through the history of the Million Dollar Homepage. I remember reading about this page years ago in one of the monthly published paper magazines, following a little more research on the Wikipedia page, I felt I also should look for a dead link and have it point to a live site somewhere. Where better than my own little bit of the Internet.

Q: Why?

A: Why not? I'm never going to profit from this, but just thought why not. Besides if you can find a dead domain name that you are prepared to register in your name, I can't think of any reason not to do so.

Q: Are there any other domain names that are linked to in the image, but not live?

A: Sure, I found 5 or 6 without really trying. At least a couple were names I didn't want to use as they were either adult or gambling related. The other thing is you may not like the graphics already displayed on any dead pixel. Furthermore, I only looked in about the top third of the html list. So anyone can go ahead and pick a dead link and register the domain name if it is available.

A: No, a lot of dead links still have the domain names registered and in use, the link to a sub page may just have been deleted, so you can't squat there.

Q: Do I know what happened its creator Alex Tew?

A: No, but I think he had an excellent idea and delivered it to an eager audiance back in 2005. I hope and wish him every success and happiness in life.

Q: How long will the last?

A: No idea, could be 20 minutes, or another 20 years+. I hope the latter, but am happy either way.