About this site

This site is here to allow me to collate and store all my various notes. These notes may be How-To guides, general musings, or simply memories that I've wanted to write down. They are perserved here primarily for my benefit, but if the odd one helps or amuzes someone else then great.

Regarding the How-To pages, I'm sure I don't follow the best practise or standard methods, nor do I believe I achieve exact same things that others will be aiming for. I also am 100% confident that I may hack something together which works, but it is unlikely to be the most polished method or solution. My How-To guides come with no warrantee or authority on how to achieve something.

Although I may have some life stories on here, I don't intend detailing names and places. I may simply use initials, or even a just letter which may not be an accurate name. If you recognise yourself in a story, you can consider yourself someone who I feel has shaped me in to who I have become. This may be for better or worse, you can decide that.

If anyone else finds something on here of interest then great, if not, I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time and wish you well as you move on.

Thankyou for visiting.