Deploy Ghost on Docker

Simple How-To install the Ghost blogging platform on Docker running on Ubuntu 20.04.

The first step is to define where the data is to be stored for the Ghost docker container is stored for easy backups etc.

sudo mkdir /storage/docker/ghost/content -p

This provides us with a location to store the none docker data for a particular container. We will allow the container to use this data, but should the container be deleted the data will be safe.

Next with a single command we can install Ghost and configure it to store its content in our specified location. The one final piece of the command is the site we are hosting. Which can be an IP address or domain name.

docker run -d --name ghost                                  \
    -v /storage/docker/ghost/content:/var/lib/ghost/content \
    -e url=

Assuming the url specified is valid with name resolution working etc, you can simply browse to log in and start building your site.